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Commercial Property Tax Experts Are Front Line Defenses for Businesses

The simple answer is no. Commercial property taxes should not be treated like just another annual expense on a corporate spreadsheet. They are more than just another bill or line item to be paid. They are not a fixed cost and should be proactively reviewed each year for possible reductions


Contrary to what some think, property taxes, specifically commercial property taxes, can be significantly reduced each year. Commercial property taxes have many moving parts such as short deadlines and complicated opportunities for reductions. In fact, a smart business, who plans in advance, can effectively combat ever-rising property taxes. A solid strategy

employed early in the year can save a company thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in property taxes. All this work takes time, experience and expertise. That’s where a commercial property tax expert like Flagship Property Tax Consultants, comes in. They are specialized and experienced.

Be Proactive

The biggest property tax management mistake is to wait. A solid company should have a property tax management plan in place even before the tax assessment is in the mail and on it’s way.

A property tax expert, such as Flagship, is a crucial part of any solid business property tax reduction plan. They know how to evaluate, prepare and build a strong case against an assessment increase. Knowledgeable experts are worth their expense.

Professionals Know the Hidden Savings

Property tax appeals are cumbersome and complicated. Some think it’s just a simple process of filing out a few pages of basic paperwork and sending it in. Unfortunately, that’s just not so. The truth is, requirements are very complicated and differ between counties or jurisdictions. The good news is that property tax experts know the most detailed ins and outs, they know where to find the hidden savings. These are the intricate appeal details that most businesses have no knowledge of and therefore will not leverage or benefit from them without the assistance of a professional.

No Second Chances

Property tax appeals have no second chances. Requirements vary between counties or area of authority and if a business fails to include all pertinent information or misses the deadline, they’re dead in the water until next year’s assessment appeal.

Trusted property tax experts know how to best manage the tedious and time-consuming process of appeals. “Last minute” typically has undesirable results. So, don’t make this serious mistake. Putting tax expert on the company team to make the process simple and painless.

Don’t delay. Whether it’s working on this year’s deadlines or trying to prepare for next year’s assessment, put a property tax expert, such as Flagship Property Tax Consultants, on your side. They will be the company’s invaluable first line of defense from paying too much in property taxes.

James English, Owner

Flagship Property Tax Consultants 4606 FM 1960 Rd W, Ste. 560, Houston, TX 77069 Call or Text: 281-771-0241

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