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Commercial Property Tax Services

Flagship Commercial Property Tax Services
Flagship has over 30 years extensive experience helping small, medium and large businesses uncover the real tax value of their property and saving them money year-over-year.

Taxes on Commercial / Business Properties

If you owns commercial property, you need to be aware of the taxes on this investment. Most people think of property taxes as the main tax burden on property, but that's because they're familiar with residential property. You have to contend with other taxes when you own commercial property.

Our years of market experience in nearly all 50 states ensures you have a partner who will save you money during a commercial property tax review and appeal process.

  • Our proven commercial property tax valuation process consistently gets you results.

  • We implement our commercial property tax savings timelines to help plan for refunds, whether you own property in one market or many.

  • Our deep knowledge of commercial property tax regulations provides real, expert insight for saving money.

  • Flagship understands commercial property taxes. We are so confident that if we don't save you money, you don't pay us.


Examples of Commercial Property Types We Represent:

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Apartment Complexes Mixed Use Developments

  • Industrial Properties

  • Strip & Retail Centers

  • Single-User Commercial Properties

  • Multi-Tenant Properties

  • Restaurants

  • Special Use Properties:

    • Hospitals

    • Schools

    • Country Clubs

  • Raw Land:

    • Commercial

    • Residential

Don't see your business in our list?  Call us, we handle much more!


Flagship Can Unlock Hidden Tax Savings

If you haven't looked into your property taxes lately chances are your properties are over-assessed and you’re paying more than your fair share of commercial property taxes.

  • Commercial property tax, at more than 40%, is the largest cost of corporate occupancy in the U.S.

  • Federal law mandates that no one pay more than their fair share of taxes.

  • More than 90% of commercial real estate owners unknowingly overpay their commercial property tax.

  • Working with Flagship, our commercial properties see, on average, a 25%-31% reduction in property taxes paid.

  • Flagship understands the commercial assessment process and a whole lot more. Bottom line - If we don't save you money, you don't pay us.



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