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Flagship will help you navigate the rough waters of lowering your Commercial, Business Personal Property & Residential property taxes.

At NO upfront cost to you. We get paid only when we save you money!

Can't come to us? We will come to you.

Good news for Americans facing eye-popping property taxes:
You can fight the county, city hall, or whichever government body sends you this annual financial burden.

When real estate boomed, property taxes often followed suit. So why aren't they dropping now? First, local governments may go for years between re-assessments, so lower values may be overlooked. Also, a blanket reduction in assessments would mean less revenue for local governments at a time when most are strapped for cash.

The National Taxpayers Union estimates that up to 60 percent of the country's real estate is assessed too high.


Flagship is here to make sure you don't pay too much.

NO COST Savings Evaluation!      Click here to schedule with us.

Areas of expertise include:

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